Weary in Well Doing

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Galatians 6:7-9


This passage of the scripture is addressed to Christians who are doing, and they are weary, it is not written for those who are not doing anything for the Lord, but the servants for them to be encouraged in their service to the Lord.

Weariness is a feeling of being a tired about a particular cause or actions. Being weary is a state of soul that affects the body, and every decision of our lives. It takes our strength, energy, and enthuasasm

Psalm 42:5,6,11, and 43:5

The Apostle must have understood what these believers were going through in their new found Christian faith. 

Everybody thinks that they are crazy, they are leaving the path that their fore fathers have left for them, and they are not walking in a right direction that they were supposed to walk. Maybe you are here this morning, and you are wearied in well doing. People discouraged your hearts about what you are trying, and are trying to do for the Lord.

Why are serving the Lord? Why do you go to that church? They don’t even pray, dance, do night vigil, speak in tongues, do miracles, and do what others churches are doing.

And you are also giving in to those thoughts, and you are thinking about them too, you would soon get weary.

The admonition comes as a command from the Lord to every believer, because weariness is a common condition that we feel. And such admonition should be treated with uttermost respect, because it is to our advantage, and help.
Many a great man in the Bible feels the same thing in their lives, and we will see how they dealt with weariness in the lives.


  • It is distressing

The task that we started with excitement becomes a burden under the influence of weariness. We groan trying to make it ourself out of this problem. We come to church in the morning, and then you get so distressed to make an attempt to do it again in the evening. 

  • It makes our work defective

When cannot move fast when the stream turns to us.

  • It may lead to the abandonement of our mission

When you embarked on a journey, project, and business, and you face weariness, if it is not well treated, you will abandment the project.

We do not get excited in our service to the Lord, have no joy about our work, then we will be tempted to run away for something else.

You can now understand why Apostle Paul was encouraging the believers at Galatia church that they should not be weary in well doing.


There are many reasons why believers are weary in their lives and christian walk.

  • Our Inability to Take a Rest

Mark 6:31

After much walk and toil from one village to another, Jesus said to his disciples, come ye and rest a while. Sometimes in our effort to get the job done, we get wearied in the way.

If you are not involved in any work for the Lord, this is not applicable to you. 

It is important that we give ourself rest. Many of us, we work from Monday to Sunday, and we failed to give God the time he desires. It is not the number of days that you give to yourself that matters, but is there any time for God?

Many wondered why God is not blessing them? Not your enemies cursed your business, but you are the one who is behind your problem.

Ill- Take A Day and Rest

  • Our Inability to Take a Nourishment

If you are working with food, you will get exhausted, and tired, and you cannot accomplish much. 

We are in a great danger if we are going through Christian life without our personal and private prayer, and meditation. There will be no inner strength and freshness to the eternal service.

We are faced with different challenges in this world, but we need to be spiritual strong to be able to handle those challenges that come our way. 

  • Our Inabilitiy to See the Results from the Labor

The beauty of work is to see the results coming out from your labor, but we get wearied when we do not see the results instantly.

We are quick to call it a day, and then quit on God, and sometimes we look at our labor as vain, but it is not in vain. When you focus on the result instantly, you will be missing out.

What about my prayers? Why are they not answered? Why are the church pews not fill yet? Why are not having plenty people in the church? Why is my business not moving? Why am not I getting the job? It is true that lack of results takes people to the land of weariness, but you don’t need to stay there, because it is not rewarding at all.

  • Our Inability to Find Solution to our Problems

Job 10:1


How can we Biblically deal with weariness in our lives. I can tell you that many people are going through the motion of weariness this morning, but you don’t have stay long in this path when you can enjoy the victory.

  1. Understand the Important of Rest and Nourishment

There is nothing wrong in taking time out to rest and nourish yourself spiritually. It is important that we take good care of ourself. Many of us work work work without taking a break. 

  • Read a good book
  • Listen an encouraging messages
  • Surround yourself with people that will bring encouragment to your hearts
  • Lock yourself alone with Christ for strength

Ill- Monday is Free

Find a place where you will be alone without anyone disturbing you, and then you can focus on yourself, and God. A good vacation will do it, and you will come back refresh.

Elijah was wearied after a great victory, the little was able to eat the man of God to overcome the weariness.

 2.  Understand that Christ is Watching Us

Our toil and labor is being watched by God, and you wil begin to do everything you do to the Glory of God and for the expansion of His kingdom.

1 Corinthians 15:58

3. Understand that Result though Delayed, is not in Vain.

2 Thessalonians 3:13

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy, therefore we are called upon not to be wearied in well doing because our labor may be delayed, but the fruits will come out someday.

Psalm 126

4. Depend on the Holy Spirit Power

We cannot fight the flesh with flesh weapon, we need to fight the weariness with the weapon of the Holy Spirt. Depend on the Holy Spirit. Our help comes from the Holy Spirit, and not from ourselves. 

Romans 8:26


Sometimes in our desire to see things done so fast so quickly, we get so much into trouble, and mess. 
Weariness left untreated will results in life risking, threathening and life taking, and therefore as believers we must be conscious about people around us who are going through this trouble time.

Isaiah 50:4

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