The story of Daniel in the lion’s den is not an unknown story among Christians. In fact, I’ve heard many prayers that were coined around this story. I’ve heard people praying that “the power that was in Daniel that made him to be by the lions, Father, give me such power; so that I can be untouchable by!”

What brought about the lions’ Den idea. 6:1-3

  • Jealousy. Note: vs. 3 “This Daniel was preferred…”
    a. Why was he preferred? _ an excellent spirit was in him. And as for the others, there’s not and excellent spirit in them.
    b. Note: They couldn’t find occasion against him vs. 4
  1. How Daniel responded to the situation. vs.10
    a. He never stopped doing right.
    NOTE: The word “aforetimes” at the end of vs. 10 is a proof to us that Daniel’s prayer life is not a “crisis holiness” thing. It was something that is already a part of him.
    “Crisis holiness” means; putting up a spiritual attitudes when in trouble. There’s a song writer by the name Carrie Underwood. She wrote: “for the first time in a long time, she bowed her head to pray…” That particular line is a perfect explanation of what “Crisis holiness” means.
    b. He was never afraid. vs. 16
    The Bible says “Fear hath torment.” 1 John 4:18 You’ll remain tormented and disshelveled when you give room to or for fear. Daniel was never afraid.
    Note: In vs. 10 the first clause or phrase in the verse, the Bible says “when Daniel knew that the writing was signed…” that is, Daniel knew what would happen to him for what he was doing. In vs. 16, the Bible says “they brought Daniel…” if it were to be many of us today we would run away like Elijah when Jezebel threatens us. Daniel was never afraid.
    c. He didn’t look or seek for pity. vs. 16

When they brought Daniel before the King, the Bible says “…the King spake and said unto Daniel…” It wasn’t Daniel that started crying and begging the King that “King, you know me now, I cannot do anything to harm you, I do honor and respect you”. Christians today, when we get into trouble, especially when we are innocent, our face changes, the tears begin to drop, we begin to say words that are very bitter. Daniel continued to do right even in the midst of great tragedies.

  1. Why the King was so worried. vs. 18-19
    The Bible says “… and his sleep went from him.” The king couldn’t sleep. Why? What happened? Why is he so worried about Daniel? Daniel 6:3
    a. Because he knows Daniel’s faithfulness in all that he does. vs.4c
    b. Because he knows an excellent spirit was in Daniel. vs. 3
    c. Because he could see something different and unique in the life of Daniel. vs. 16d
    d. Because he could tell by the life of Daniel that he serves a great God. vs. 20
  2. How Daniel escaped all manner of hurts vs. 22-23
    a. He acknowledged the power and person of God. vs. 22a
    b. He knew that God is just. vs.22c
    c. He told the King that the King knew the truth but chose to please the people. vs.
  3. Many of us are always fearful of telling the truth. We choose to please the
    people, like Pilate.
    d. He believed in his God! vs. 23

To escape all manner of hurts,

  1. Always have the right spirit.
  2. Always do, and continue doing the right thing.
  3. Have faith in God!

__Amb. Oluwadamilola Oluwarokanmi

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