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This category is for Christian news across the world. We will be giving you up-to-date news. It’s important to note that individuals seeking news from Christian outlets should also be aware of potential biases and strive to maintain a well-rounded understanding of global events by considering perspectives from various sources.

Faith-Centric Perspective: Christian truth provides a perspective that is grounded in Christian values and beliefs. It helps followers of the faith stay connected to their religious community and view current events through a spiritual lens.

Spiritual Encouragement: Christian truth often includes stories of faith, hope, and resilience, which can serve as sources of inspiration and encouragement for individuals facing challenges in their lives.

Community Awareness: Christian broadcasting can keep believers informed about events and issues within the global Christian community, helping to foster a sense of solidarity and awareness of shared concerns.

Ethical Analysis: Christian news outlets may offer ethical analysis and commentary on current events from a Christian perspective, helping believers navigate complex moral and ethical issues in their personal and public lives.

Cultural Engagement: Christian broadcasting can facilitate engagement with cultural and societal issues from a Christian worldview, encouraging believers to actively participate in discussions and actions that align with their faith.

Religious Freedom Advocacy: Christian news outlets may cover stories related to religious freedom and persecution, raising awareness about challenges faced by Christians around the world and fostering a sense of responsibility to support those in need.

Church Events and Updates: Christian news can keep individuals informed about events, activities, and updates within their local churches and religious communities, fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness.

Celestial Church of Christ Invited Portable and Pasuma to “Praise Night”

The Celestial Church of Christ in Lagos invited worldly musicians to come and perform at the “praise night.” It is important to know that such an alliance is against the word of God, and I believe that there is no justification for such a collaboration. One of the questions that I ask myself before making decisions is, “What would Jesus…