Galatians 5:1-13




The word “Liberty” is the Greek word “Eleutheria”, it means freedom, as in unrestrained, not a slave, from obligation or liability.

Background of the book of Galatians:

The letter to the Galatians is a response to the reports of the infiltration of and Judaizers into the Church at Galatia. Obviously, we see that the letter was written to the Church at Galatia.

These Legalizers Judaizers a mixture of the Gospel of Grace and the law.

The whole of these infiltrations is not for any other thing than to persuade the Church that obedience to the law is to with faith as for the sinner’s Justification and that the justified sinner is made perfect by keeping the law.

The Ignorant of the Bible
In this message today, we’re going to see what Constitute this call:

  1. YOU HAVE BEEN MADE FREE. Let’s read John 8:32. This verse shows and proves that once one knows the truth, the truth will certainly make him/her free. If you are saved, you have known the truth, and it was the truth that you’ve known that made you free. So knowing that you’ve been made free, therefore, Stand in your freedom. Gal. 5:1). To “stand fast” is to be stationary.
  2. OBEY ONLY THE TRUTH. Gal. 5:7 and don’t be bullied into believing the falsehood. John 14:6 made it clear to us that Christ is the truth. So, when we are obeying the truth, it simply means that we are obeying Christ.
  3. DON’T MIX THE TRUTH WITH WORKS, THE LAW, PHILOSOPHY AND OTHER YOKES. Colossians 2:8) Christians in the world today have made us believe that there are some certain things we need to add to our faith before we can totally be genuine Christians, especially when it comes to salvation, they want to make us believe that we must add some works to our faith before we can be saved. Apostle Paul is warning the Colossians Christians, and us today under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that we should beware of them. To spoil is to “Load away as booty” or seduce
  4. OBEDIENCE TO THE LAW, WORKS E.T.C ALONG WITH GRACE IS DESTRUCTION (Galatians 5:9) A leaven is a yeast added to flour to make bread rise. So one does not need to add much yeast, just a little quantity will make all the bread rise. Leaven is a figure of Corruptness and of the perverseness of heart and of life. Matt.16:6-12 Mark 8:15; 1Cor 5:7,8.
  5. DO NOT TAKE YOUR FREEDOM FOR GRANTED (Galatians 5:13) In other words, do not use your liberty as a starting point or opportunity to fulfill the lust of the flesh.
    a. Do not discourage others from growing 1Cor. 8:9 in other words, because we have the freedom in Christ, we should not use our liberty to make others fall into sin.
    b. Do not be involve in ungodly act. Gal.5:13
    c. Do not use or take your liberty as license to do evil, but to serve.

Amb. Oluwadamilola Oluwarokanmi, Pastor of Ambassador Baptist Church, Abuja

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