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Matthew 2:1-11


People argue about whether Christians should celebrate Christmas or not. Well, while there has been many debates, disputes and arguments about the origin, the reason, and the traditions of Christmas, I have taken my time to journey through the perfect Word Of God, (THE BIBLE, KJB 1611 AD) to see whether it is right or wrong to celebrate the birth of my Savior.

Now, I’ve come to realize that Christians strife for things that are not worth fighting for.

Some people say “I only celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.” Well, thou doest well. But please, I’ll like to ask these simple questions:

1. Can there be a death day without a day in which a person is born?

2. The day a person got saved and was born into God’s family or the day a person dies and leaves this world, which one is more important?

3. If Christ was not born and became flesh, can He die? (Remember, He is God).

Now, you may have a point based on the people, reason, traditions, and the date (25th December) that’s been chosen are not Biblical, but I’d say it’s worth it if some has thought it right to choose a day to remember that the Savior of the world was born.

I would fault 25th of December and will totally disagree with anyone if he or she says “that was the day Christ was born”.

But if it’s a remembrance, I gladly accept it and eat without asking questions. I pray the Lord speak to your heart and let this message have an impact in your life in Christ’s name.  Amen.

In this message, I want to show you 3 things that the wise men brought and gave to Jesus.


If you read vs.1 of Matthew chapter 2, the Bible made it clear that these men were not from Israel; they were from the East (research says they might have come from as far as Persia, the present day Iran). They travelled all the way from the East to Israel (west).

They really gave their time to travel that far. Now, these people are not Igbos at all, they are Arabians (Iranians) also back in those days, they travel either by a horse, a donkey, or camel. This could even take much time for them to get to Bethlehem. Still, they gave their time anyways.

A lot of people wouldn’t go to Church, no, not a Bible believing, Bible teaching and preaching Church because it’s far from their home. Some even go as far as “If Pastor does not give money for transport, then I’m not going.”

God pity you! I remember in 2017, I can’t count how many number of times I trekked my way to church.

Although that did not make me any spiritual, but it’s a sign of how important God’s word is to us.
Not only that, they gave their time, also;


That same vs.1 called them “wise men”. They saw a ‘Star’, they had the talent of being able to tell what the Star is; they could see that that Star is so special and different.

They didn’t ignore it. They used their talents in a godly way and for a godly course. They were not some kind of the grey-headed Professors and scientists that denied the existence of the One True GOD!

They acknowledged God with their talents. They’re not like some of us that wants to be popular, renown for worldliness and ungodliness!

Some would rather sing songs that are sensual, devil-appealing, sexually and politically acceptable, than sing; “BLESSED ASSURANCE, JESUS IS MINE; OH WHAT A FORE TASTE OF GLORY DIVINE…” or songs like “AMAZING GRACE, HOW SWEET THE SOUND THAT SAVED A WRETCH LIKE ME!”

They tag such songs “BORING!”I can’t count how many times and by how many people I’ve been called “WEIRD!” because of my genre or choice of music.

I’d rather be weird and strange to the world, for the LORD, than be generally accepted, but Scripturally rejected! Use your talents for a godly course!


In vs.11, when they saw the child (Christ our Savior), they did not say “we’ve seen Him, so, let’s take a U-turn or a detour is efficient for us at this juncture!.” The Bible says “…they opened their treasures, they presented unto Him gifts…”

They did not present just any kind of gift like Cain, they gave the very best of their treasures; “…gold, and frankincense, and myrhh.”Bet anyone of you having a ring of 18 carats gold give it to me on my birthday saying “Happy birthday Preacher.”

But the honest simple truth is, these men gave the best of their treasures.What have you brought to Jesus?Can you even leave your comfort zone and be in church for Sunday evening service, or can you leave your place of work for mid-week services?”

Pastor, I really wish to be in church, but you know my work wont allow me.” God pity you!I’ve even seen where and when people call their Pastor just to say; “Pastor, I’m so sorry, I won’t be in church today.

Had a lot of work and now, I really need some rest.” To me, that’s like such a one goes to church to make Pastor feel good. It’s about time Preachers tell the flock of God to stop calling and apologizing to them (Pastor) about not being in church.

It isn’t about the Pastor, it is about you and the God who created you, loved you so much that He died for your sins!For some people, giving and supporting God’s work with the money God has given them is the hardest thing to do; but they “sow seed” in their “Papa’s” life, so as to receive blessings from God.

They give huge amounts to slow bellies who gives them “Prophecies” which are contrary to God’s word. Indeed, “…having itching ears…”A neighbor of mine shared his experience in a “Church” with me, they were told to donate a hundred thousand Naira each (#100,000); after stepping out, he (my neighbor) looked at the queue, about 30 people came out to donate a hundred thousand Naira for “the man of God”! He thought to himself; “Chai, church is a cool business!”

He could have returned to his seat, but he thought of the shame that would bring, so he stayed and gave a 100K!

When a Bible believing church teaches or preaches on tithing and giving to missions, then you hear their gossips in their homes and offices; “I should give the offering and to missions? Is it not that man who calls himself Pastor and his wife and children that will spend my money?”

Ah! God will reward you! Remember, you’re JUST a steward of everything you have; Time, Money, Health, Wealth, Children, Business; every little thing and all the big things are God’s! 1 Peter 4:10″ As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”

God can decide to take everything away in just a flash! And you’d be left with nothing. No, nothing even your own life.

Don’t remember Christ on CHRISTmas alone, celebrate Him in your heart and in your life always.

Happy Boxing Day!!!

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