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The Desire For Acceptance among Young People

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The Desire for Acceptance

One of the problems in our society among young people is the desire to be accepted by others. I want to feel loved, and accepted by the majorly wrong crowd, and also individual

The desire for acceptance is a result of the following observations:

1. Poor Decision Making

When you are looking for the opportunity to be accepted in this society, it will lead you into making a bad decision, which will later cause irreparable damage to you.

Most people who are seeking the approval of others are not thinking twice before taking that huge step.
They do not count the cost to see if they are willing to pay the price for the decision that they are trying to make.

But because what they are looking for is at the top of their goal and agenda, they are always shallow in their judgment on what they ought to do.

Listen, we are all unique individuals, think twice before making a decision, don’t be pressured into making decisions because of the desire to be welcome by others.

Therefore, I would encourage you not to make decisions in the moment of your weakness. Be guarded by the Lord, Holy Spirit, and spiritual leader.

Also, if there is an urgency to make a decision, share the decision making with others.

2. Compromising

I have seen this happen all times, if you want to join us, you ought to live certain ways, speak a certain manner, dress differently than normal, spend extravagantly, and many others.

Those that are looking for acceptance are willing to do anything just because they want the endorsement of others.

As a Christian, I believe in Christian fellowship, and then I believe that not everyone you will fellowship with. 

When you are given a condition that is against your condition or the scriptures, then you have a choice whether you would go for that term or not. 

There was a story of a man that was told to go beat up his mother because he can join the gang, and he did just exactly, you see what his desire to be accepted caused him to do, it caused him to go contrary to the word of God.

We are admonished to honor our parents.

3. Inferiority Complex

The inferiority complex is looking down on yourself, and it can also be referred to as low esteem. When you have that disposition, it will make you think that there are people out there that will increase your morale.

But practically, the desire for acceptance should be the top reason, therefore joining the wrong crowd to boost your morale is a wrong step, they will help you for a while, but the price that you are going to pay is greater than what you have gained.

Boasting your inferiority comes from understanding who you are in Christ, joining bad groups, getting high, and drugs do not make you superior, and do you even know that superiority complex is a sin.

You are a child of God, you are redeemed, and you have been justified.

Ps 139:14I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

When Satan throws garbage at you about who you are not, as a Christian, you need to remind him who you are.  And another way to over this inferiority complex is to allow the Lord to work through you by his inner man.

The more you yield yourself to the Lord, he will make you what you ought to be, how you ought to live, and who you should fellowship with. David made this declaration in the bible Psalm 84:10


I know that many young people today have been pressurized by friends to do what they do not intend to do, but they did it anyway, the desire for acceptance has killed so many young people, and many are still dying today.

But you need to understand that the friendship of this world is enmity with God. Someone has wisely declared, “with God is them is the majority”.

Your desire should not be to please man but to please God of heaven.

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