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Peter Obi: Top Nigerian Pastor that Publicly Supports His Candidacy

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Will Peter Obi win the election with the support of popular pastors?

Nigerians will go to the poll on February 25th and vote for the president that will govern this nation for the next four years. Different parties are already campaigning and wooing people to vote for them.

One of the presidential candidates is Mr. Peter Obi of the Labor Party. Many Nigerian clergies have been trying to stay away from Nigerian politics, and they do not want to declare their favorite even though they have one already.

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Pastor EL BUBA

elbuba pastor

One of Nigeria’s famous pastors is Pastor El Buba The founder and General Overseer of Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministries International (EBOMI) in Jos, Plateau state, Prophet Isa El Buba.

This pastor has publicly declared his support for Mr. Peter Obi of the Labor Party, according to his social media post, even though he was criticized for it.

He is constantly talking about Peter Obi on his Twitter page, urging his supporters to attend the rally at Jos on the 20th of January 2023. And he is the only pastor in Nigeria that is constantly talking about Peter Obi and supporting him.

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He is another Nigerian preacher who has been publicly vocal about voting for the Labor Party presidential aspirant, and his candidacy as the president of this great nation.

He is always sharing a poster with followers about OBIDATTI on his Twitter page.

Why Peter Obi?

Many Nigerians have lost hope in APC and PDP because they have failed to deliver what they have promised to the Nigerians, and therefore, people are seeking someone else who is competent, courageous, capable, and consistent.

Therefore, Nigerians need New Nigeria where things are working, and the lives of people are changing, and not where nothing is happening.


Also, you cannot sit on the fence, you must stand up for New Nigeria together. Nigeria must work, and together, we will make Nigeria work again. And I also believe that Mr. Peter Obi is going to give all that it takes to see that Nigeria moves forward.

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