"Tinubu will End Insecurity In Nigeria

“Tinubu will End Insecurity In Nigeria?” An Important Question for All

State of the Nation By Oct 20, 2022 1 Comment

By Kenny Oniyire


“Tinubu will End Insecurity In Nigeria? The headline sounds good to be true, Mr. Tinubu brought this present administration to Nigerians, and it is unfortunate, the APC administration has not delivered whatsoever to the promised Nigerians.


While some would be greatly amused by the sarcasm in the statement above, a lot of people would only cringe at the sense of disgust it oozes because many would not help but wonder at the sheer insensitivity of the statement made by someone who was supposedly the one who imposed the present administration on us.

"Tinubu will End Insecurity In Nigeria
“Tinubu will End Insecurity In Nigeria

In a press conference some months back, The All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, boasted to be the one who made it possible for the present president of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari, to get into power, as he (the president) would not have had a taste of power if it were not for him.

It is no longer news that the said administration imposed on us by the APC presidential candidate has been plagued with insecurity, economic breakdown, and natural disasters which could have been avoided amidst other heart-wrenching events that the country has never experienced in the times past.

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While all that the citizens have gotten from their president are the occasional thoughts and prayers, or in some cases, nothing at all, things do not seem to be getting better.
Recently, the APC presidential candidate, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, in his recent meeting with some Northern groups in Kaduna, promised to not only tackle but end insecurity totally in Nigeria as he claims to “acknowledge the primacy of security as the utmost duty of a government”.

He also promised to proffer solutions to the economic crisis by ensuring full exploration of the oil reserves in some prospective locations in the North. He also guaranteed to end banditry and kidnapping in the country.

One could not help but be taken aback at the sheer selfishness being demonstrated in these statements. For someone who’s supposedly the one behind the present administration, watching everything go down the drain and yet claiming to have solutions to each of the issues the country is faced with, waiting to offer the solution only when voted into power is the height of self-centeredness and lack of empathy towards the nation at large.

For someone who has got us all in this mess we find ourselves in and who has been watching everything happening under his nose, are these promises supposed to be a balm to our wounds?


The question remains if Tinubu actually has the solutions to the problems facing Nigeria, why hasn’t he discussed it with ‘his boy’ (as he claims the president is to him), but only waiting to be voted into power before taking steps to alleviate people of griefs and heartaches, seeing that he is the one who brought the present administration into being.

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