by David J. Stewart 


Is there a God? Was the universe created by a Divine Creator, or did it just happen? If the universe just happened, then what started the process? The laws of thermodynamics have PROVEN that neither energy nor matter can be destroyed. 

Quote from John MacArthur on Salvation

You can convert one form into another, but you cannot create or destroy either. Based on this scientific FACT, it is perplexing to try to understand the origin of the universe. How could something come from nothing? 


Even more complex and disturbing is the thought that time could have NO BEGINNING. Everything that mankind has ever learned, tested, proved, designed, or theorized CANNOT explain this great mystery. 

How could time have ever begun? What would have existed before time? Even if you could trace the universe back trillions of years (which you cannot), you would still be faced with an unsolvable mystery… what existed before time? If time is traveling backward and forwards, then at what point did it begin? There is no sensible mortal answer to these questions. 

The only answer that makes perfect sense is God.


Another baffling thought is the size of the universe… how big is it? Can the universe have an end? If so, then what exists beyond the universe?… more universe? Trying to understand such a mystery is a perplexing and mind-numbing exercise in futility. 

It would be IMPOSSIBLE for the universe to have a boundary, a limit. What would exist beyond that limit?  Even empty space is something, it occupies SPACE. So where does the space end?

At what point is there nothing, and what exactly is nothing if it takes up space? There is NO humanly plausible answer. Though multitudes of godless “experts” and “professors” have arrogantly tried to explain such mysteries by teaching babble and false science, the net sum of all their answers is utter foolishness. The ONLY logical answer is a Divine Creator. 


Not only does simple logic testify to the existence of God, but so also does the Holy Bible. The Bible is self-proclaimed as God’s Word (2nd Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 4:12). Whether a person wants to acknowledge the Bible as “God’s Word” is an entirely different matter, but the Bible does claim to be God’s Authoritative Word. One might reason that there are several “other” such books in the world that also CLAIM to be inspired by a divine being.

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