Honor Christian mothers

Honor Christian Mothers- Mother’s Day Song Lyric

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HONOR CHRISTIAN MOTHERS: Onward Christian Soldiers Tune

Born Again in the Scripture

1. Honor Christian Mothers, instruments of God
Raising faithful families, worshipping the Lord.
Following his commandments, showing us the way
Love and Faith, and Kindness, teaching us to pray


Honor Christian Mothers, Instruments of God
Raising Faithful families
Worshipping the Lord

2. Let it be, say, mothers, trusting to obey
Finding strength and courage, Grace for every day
Challenges surround us, but we will not fear
God’s love will sustain us, help our cross to bear.

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3. God is with our mothers, who have died in Christ.
Certain of His promise, life forevermore
In His many mansions, love again we’ll share
He will take away all sorrow wipe away each tear.


4. Honor Christian mothers, Heaven’s gift of love
Join with them in service to the Lord above
Follow their example, let your Lights so shine
All will see your goodness, praise the one Divine.


5. Onward, still, ye mothers, tho the time will come
Son will leave their parents, daughters leave their home
We’ll remain united, mother’s legacy
One in love and faithfulness, one in charity…


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