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Jerry Eze: Things about Jerry Eze and His Ministry

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I have never met Jerry Eze nor did I visit his church, but my observation is based on my research and things I have seen about him and his ministry. The article is not about the endorsement of his ministries either.

And I must say this, If you are listening to him, then you have to be very careful about this man because he is no different from many other Nigerian preachers too.

What Does he teach about Salvation?

I have watched several videos, visited his website, and church website to know what he teaches on salvation, and even read many of his devotionals, but I could not pinpoint any information about his stance on salvation.

20 Powerful Verses of Salvation By Grace Alone

But I would say this, many Nigerian churches believe that salvation is by works of men, and not by grace alone through faith alone in the finished of Christ.

Another way these men like to hide their beliefs is by not having statements of faith. I believe that statement of faith summarizes what a church or an individual believes so that people will know where he stands on a particular subject.

Pentecostalism and Charismatic

Jerry Eze is a high-class pentecostal and charismatic preacher, he believes in speaking in tongues, healing and miracles practices, and many other things that the charismatic movement believes in.

Tongues: Speaking or Hearing?

And he is no different from pastors before, but he repackaged his own style of pentecostalism through a special online prayer program, “[New Season Prophetic Prayers & Declarations] that is attended by thousands across all social media daily”. This program started during locked down when many people were locked at home, and he was able to attract so many people with his early morning prayers.

While I do not see anything wrong with prayers, but then the promotion of signs, wonders, miracles, and healing is not Biblical. Apostles never promoted his miraculous sign, but it was done according to the WILL OF GOD.

He is also into naming it and claiming its prosperity message to attract an audience and crowd which he successfully got. Right now, anything in the name of God goes as long as you promise them that it shall be well with them and that they have not had problems.

Deal Breaker

I listened to one of his videos with the title, “Measure of Faith”, thinking that he would preach about salvation, then it is about materialism and wealth, and not a sound doctrine that will help people grow spiritually.

The most important thing in the life of a man is salvation, and every message of a preacher should at least talks about the salvation of man’s soul. But no clear gospel message by him, but a bunch of speaking in gibberish every two minutes of his preaching.


Is it safe to listen to Jerry Eze? You have to be the one to make that decision, but then if you have to go by the Scripture, the most important about a preacher is found in the content of his message.

Does he preach the true Gospel of Christ?

The Gospel of Grace

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