Established On The Rock
Pastor David Johnston
Psalm 127:1-5

Read: Mt. 7:24-27
In Wisconsin there is a very unique house. It is called the “House on the Rock”. It was literally built upon a rock and the mountainside is incorporated into the design of the house. It is quite a thing to see.
This morning I want to talk about building your house upon the Rock. Not just any rock, but upon the Rock of Jesus Christ. When the Lord talked about building your house upon the rock, He wasn’t talking about architecturally, He was talking about building your life and family upon the foundation of God’s Word.

What about your house? Is it built upon the proper foundation? Is it solidly founded upon the principles of God’s Word. How is your family doing? I am amazed at the number of people who throw up their hands and say, “Kids, what’s the use?”

Today is Father’s Day, and I want to address much of what I say to Fathers, but there is much for all of us to gain from this today. Many children do not recognize the home mentioned in the Bible.

Now homes have: a mother and no daddy, a daddy and no mother; two mothers and one daddy, or two daddies and one mother; two mothers and no daddy; or two daddies and no mother. Did that sound confusing to you? What about the children who have to grow up in it…no wonder our society is such a mess.

God instituted the home.

The marriage relationship is the supreme of all human relationships.

Our relationship to our mates ought to come before business, before pleasure – before children.

Marriage is not a contract, marriage is a commitment, a life time commitment.

Note: Psalm 127:1-5
I. The Construction Of The Home v1a
“Except the Lord build the house…”
A. If we want to build our house on the Rock, we must build it on biblical principles.
1. This Bible is very clear on the role of the husband – he is to be the head.
2. The role of the wife – she is to be the heart.

3. The role of the children – they are to be taught and trained by mom and dad.

B. People are looking for ways to improve their homes and they should.
1. Let’s go back to the designer and find where we need to make the improvements.
2. God’s Word provides the specifications and gives the direction we need.

3. The best way to have a great home is to be a great Christian.

4. Note: The Lord is the only One who can help us here.

5. There are no self-made Christians.

C. The Lord can make us what we need to be.
1. Jesus told us that without Him we could do nothing.
2. Paul reminds us that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.

3. He will equip us through His Word and enable us through His Spirit to be what He wants us to be

II. The Protection of the Home. V1b
“…except the Lord keep the city…”
A. What is a city? A city is a collection of homes!
1. Not only does the Lord establish and build the home…
2. But He will protect it and maintain it.

3. We need to be on an intensive spiritual maintenance schedule.

4. That includes prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with other believers.

5. God provided a means for all of those areas to be addressed: it is called the local church!

6. If we neglect to involve ourselves in the church…we are inviting devastation.

B. The Home is under great attack by the devil.
1. Our enemy is subtle.
2. He works like termites…behind the scenes eating away at the foundation until it is too late.

3. What heritage will we leave for our children and grandchildren?

4. I hope it is more than just a piece of real estate.

5. Only Jesus can provide the protection our families need.

III. The Contentment Of The Home v2
A. What’s this verse talking about?

1. It is talking about burning the candle at both ends.
2. I know that its hard to make ends meet but I tell you what…

3. We say we do this for our kids, so they can have more, but most kids are happier playing with the box their toys come in than the toy itself!

4. Ask my sons about their memories of childhood…it will not center around the houses where we lived, or the cars we drove.

4. It will be the times we spent together.

B. There are three things a family needs to be content!
1. There is the basic need for security – we need to be loved.
2. There is the basic need for significance – we need to be accepted.

a. This is why young people are drawn into gangs.
b. They need to be accepted…that is why we have youth ministry…to reach out to young people who are looking for something that they can be a part of.

c. All of us have this need.

3. There is the basic need for sustenance.
C. Only Jesus can bring contentment.
1. It doesn’t come from a career or from money.
2. It doesn’t come from success or recognition.

3. Contentment comes from a right relationship with the Lord.

4. A Christ-centered family will be a contented family.

IV. The Children Of The Home v3-5
A. The desirability of children. v3
1. There are those who would have us believe that children are undesirable.
2. But they are part of God’s gift to us.

3. They are part of our reward in this life.

B. The direction of children v4
1. Here children are compared to arrows.
2. Consider the illustration.

a. Arrows are polished and taken care of by the soldier.
b. Arrows are pointed –

c. Arrows are propelled…and after an arrow leaves the bow you can’t change it’s direction!

d. Arrows are for a purpose…to be used against the enemy.

e. When we rear a child for Jesus Christ – we are firing an arrow at the devil.

3. We need to teach our children to wear the name of Christ and to share the name Christ with others.
C. The greatest thing we can do as parents, is to train children to serve Christ.
Is our home on the rocks or is it built upon the Rock?
Where do we start?
Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
Living in obedience to His commands
Being active in this local church

Pastor David Johnston, Galatians 6:14
Temple Baptist Church of Laurens, SC

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