Our Stand

1. The Bible is the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God, sufficient and authoritative in all matters of which it speaks. In order to properly understand God’s Word, one must employ a normal, literal, historical-grammatical interpretation of the Scriptures which, we believe, leads to a classical dispensational hermeneutic. The FEA uses only the King James Version in its materials.

2. Salvation is by God’s grace and mercy, received by faith alone in the person (deity) and work (substitutionary death and subsequent resurrection) of Jesus Christ. Anything added to saving faith constitutes a “works salvation,” which is a false gospel.

3. The Holy Spirit bestows spiritual gifts to all believers, but the “sign gifts” such as prophecy, tongues, healing, etc., instrumental in the early church, ceased with the completed canon of Scripture.

4. Doctrine is important and is not to be minimized or downplayed in order to forge a shallow, man-made unity. Purity of doctrine requires biblical separation from churches or ministries whose beliefs or philosophy of ministry stray from the clear teaching of Scripture.